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James Christensen established inSOURCE with the notion that, "Employee Benefits and Financial Strategies need to be serviced not sold." This idea has carried on through our daily activities and has become the cornerstone of our company. We are insurance and investment brokers who are always bringing new ideas to the attention of our clients. inSOURCE wants you to have the options available, the resources to educate yourself, and the professional opinion that comes with over 30 years of service in the insurance and investments industry. 

We want to have honest, open discussions with our clients about the different insurance and investment options available in today's marketplace. Our goal is to work with both management and personnel together to focus on the products we provide to help keep your best interest in mind. 

inSOURCE can be your personal insurance and investment shopper. We will bring you the most competitive products and keep you informed of the latest information available. Our number one goal is to exceed your service expectations. At inSOURCE we expect to earn your trust year after year.